Un emprendedor con grandes ideas para hacer un buen negocio con ellas

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Types of electronic commerce

There are several business models dedicated to those who wish to work by selling online, both for those who decide to do it through electronic commerce and for those who choose to display their products in a market.


B2B (business to business)

The acronym B2B, Business English for Business, applies to companies that create electronic stores for product sellers to other companies. Usually, it is used to sell raw materials such as a car parts store, for example.


B2C (business to consumer)

The B2C is the model adopted by companies that make sales destined for the final consumer, which represents the majority of electronic stores. Nike or Vans e-commerce are examples of B2C e-commerce.


C2B (consumer to business)

The C2B is an investment of the traditional business model, in which the consumer makes his service available to companies. An example is the Workana freelancers website.


C2C (consumer to consumer)

And finally, the C2C that includes the relationships between consumers, common in forums and markets such as Mercado Libre and Ebay.

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