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Disadvantages of having an ecommerce

Just like any business, having an electronic commerce also has its disadvantages, especially when we talk about physical products. It is important that you put it in the balance to know if the pros are worth the investment made, suddenly you can look for other business models.


Stock creation

One of the main problems of having an electronic commerce is to have a stock of products to meet the demand of the buyers, for two reasons: you still do not know which product sells more and the physical space in your house may be insufficient to store it everything.


But stay calm, there are some options to avoid this problem. The first one is to sell consigned products. You put the product of other people on display in your store, a change of a commission for each sale made. This way you don't have to invest to create a stock.


Another alternative is to sell products only on request, such as Mr. John´s, a store that designs custom shoes for men and women. In that case, the products can only be produced after the customer makes the payment.


High competition

In the same way that you are analyzing the possibility of creating your own e-commerce, thousands of other people have had the same idea, so competition is one of the first factors that you should consider before investing your money in the creation of a online store.


What type of product do you want to offer? Are there already other ecommerces that offer something similar? Can you offer it better? Study your market before, to offer truly differentiated solutions that add value to the lives of buyers.



Depending on the country, delivery logistics can be a real nightmare for the entrepreneur, since there may be few specific services for product delivery. It is known that products such as food, flowers and tickets have almost immediate delivery, but articles of technology, clothing, household, electrical, beauty products, among others, can take time to reach the user. And of course, you don't want to be known for delaying your ecommerce orders, isn't it?

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